Beer “Menu”

Friday, March 1, 2019

A wise man once said that beer makes the world go ‘round.  Ben Franklin said, “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”   We, at The Hoppy Gnome, tend to agree.  That’s why we spend probably too much time in selecting our locally world famous beer list.  Our goal is to have something for everyone.  Big, dark stout? Check.  Belgian Beer? Check.  Uber hoppy IPA?  Check.  Fruity frambois?  Check.  Gluten free?  Check.  You name it, we’ll do our best to have it available. Our focus will be local, but we’ll also have great beers from Belgium, Germany and others.  There are tons of great up and coming breweries in the Midwest, along with those already established.  You’ll see some familiar faces in 3 Floyd’s, Bell’s, Darkhorse, Founders, etc, but you’ll also be introduced to some new, unfamiliar (at least for now) brews that we think are doing a great job as well.  With each new brew you sip you can be rest assured that it’s being served at the proper temperature, in a clean beer glass and is coming to you through a clean beer line.  It’s the details that will separate us from the other guys.  We want the beer you have at The Gnome to taste exactly how the brewers intended.  So, take a seat, order a flight and let us take you on your next beer journey!  Cheers!!