The Hoppy Gnome menu will focus on fresh ingredients,  striving to exceed the dining expectations of our guests.  We feature a “scratch” kitchen which gives us a unique capability to cater to the many needs and desires of our guests.  Tacos are our focus but we are much more, the taco is simply the delivery vehicle for the culinary creations wrapped inside.  You’ll see everything from duck confit, to korean short rib, to a basic “taqueria” style taco. The menu will rotate two to four times a year, and in addition to tacos; appetizers, salads and tortas will round out the menu. 

  • Tacos are served on your choice of corn or flour tortillas.  Roasted tomato salsa, salsa verde & guacamole available upon request.    
  • Kids Menu
  • Lunch Menu
  • Dinner Menu
  • Brunch is available Saturdays & Sundays from 10am-4pm. 

Lil' Gnomies

Drink included with choice of chips or fruit