Strawberry Shortcake


There are many ways to enjoy the food at The Hoppy Gnome.  We love to serve you when you are able to join us in the restaurant, but there are times when you aren't able to make it to us.  In those instances, we'd love for you to know how versatile we are!  

We offer all varieties of catering as a service to our guests, with only one rule.  IF we can not offer the same level of quality and service that we offer in the restaurant, we will decline.  In our opinion, quality and professionalism should transcend our four walls.  

Here are the catering services we offer:

  • Full service sit down catering:  We bring the restaurant to you!  Food, beverage, tables, chairs, silverware, china, servers, bartenders, cooks, managers and chefs.  You name it, will bring it!
  • Buffet style catering:  Still the same high quality food and beverage, but with a little bit less service staff.  We can staff the buffet, or leave it to you if you are so inclined.
  • Delivery or pick up:  This isn't your first rodeo!  We can drop it off to you and then get out of your hair, or you can come pick it up!  We are happy to help in anyway needed.  
  • Looking for something different or unique?  We can do that too!!  Consider our sister restaurant, BakerStreet Steakhouse!  Our talented team of chefs can customize a cuisine specifically for you!

No matter what your catering needs are, we are able to meet and exceed them.  Just contact our event coordinator;

Jaimi Grahovac: